ATV5 part 5 – project 2 – Working sketchbook


I really enjoyed working more in a sketchbook for this project. Here is a video of the sketchbook , because I was very much more sketchbook focused I haven’t blogged as much , I feel that that was possibly a mistake,as blog posts may have enabled me to keep more linear track of my progress, I should definitely have reflected more on paper , rather than in my mind as i went along. I may go back and rectify this by adding more reflective comments to my blog.

In my mind I had done a lot of research on various artists finding lots of links between artist using similar materials and processes. However I haven’t recorded it properly. so it’s not research.

In my customary scatty fashion I started researching an artist, which seems like a great way of focusing my attention, and then went off on all kinds of tangents following clues that connect many artists together. I found that because I discovered lots of new techniques and ideas, I wanted to explore them all together all at once. I would really like to develop a more organised way of working, without compromising my need for exploring new track-ways, twitterns and barely trodden path’s.

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