A Textiles Vocabulary – changing tack…

Starting differently…

When the new level 1 textiles course materials came out I looked at Mixed media for textiles to see what I was looking forward too. I love it. The 3d experimentation and encouragement of inquisitiveness is fabulous. So I looked at the replacement course for ACA; A Textiles Vocabulary.
Several things are very apparent in both courses ; a clear linear progression, clarity of tasks with a specific brief and clear aims that are not less rigorous but easier to interpret than ACA ( clearly this is my individual response, the new courses seem to be written in Linda speak!) . I like the advice boxes that are more like tutor comments in a studio environment. Really helpful reference to artists at specific points in the course. The research points are more demanding and really relevant. There seems to be more recognition of individual strengths and weaknesses and more  elements of choice. They are modern and fresh and adhere to a clearer design process. I think that I am finding the process of ACA 2 counter intuitive to the way I work and teach in school and the new courses make much more sense to me.

I just couldn’t resist, when I read the draft of the new OCA textiles level 1 course I knew it was for me! ….. but I was part way through assignment one of ACA, hours of work under my belt, what to do?  I reread the new course notes made a list of pros and cons, chatted to some creative friends and decided to make the change. I am still following the thread, and this is where it is taking me!

I have started this new blog on the recommendation of the OCA office but I will link to my first blog when relevant, and perhaps move my research across to keep it all in the same place.