Mixed Media for Textiles – MMT introduction

MMT being my second OCA level 1 course.

Isn’t it odd? I studied the introduction to MMT and thought how exciting, this is right up my street! and now I have started the initial exercises and set up my blog the anxious has set in!!! How ridiculous, I’m doing this because I love that my creativity is awakening, I am been gently let into all manner of artistic mischief and have nothing to hide. Bring it on.

My intentions for this shiny new start;

My blog will become second nature, my observations more detailed.

I will be a critical thinker.

I will blog little but often (working towards lots and often.)

My research will involve thorough critique (not just admiring lots of pictures)

I will nail the whole referencing thing somehow.

There, its down in the electrical ether, its on the web so must be true…

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