ATV 4 – Yarn and linear exploration- creating linear forms – 4.3 Reinterpret, reinvent

Re-interpret, re-invent. Yarn designs and simple textile constructions based on the colour studies of the Old Masters painting. the post is here


Whilst completing the former exercises I had an over whelming urge to mix colours using a drop spindle. While researching I came across the idea of art yarns and felt that this colour exercise was an ideal palate to experiment with.




If you look at the painting you will hopefully see how I have tried to replicate the order and proportion of colours as they appear from top to bottom.img_4721.jpg img_4723.jpg img_4722.jpg

I laid out the fibres in a mirror image, spun them onto a drop spindle then found the midway point and plyed them together. I’m really intrigued by the result, It was a very pleasing process.
Likewise yarn wraps seemed an obvious technique to explore, as they are ideal to mix colours. I wanted to see if I could create the two identities. The elegant figure at the easel and the more rugged mentor.


I then started to think about macramé so created some sample knots,

This sample uses more strings so I could try to incorporate colours from the image.

The diagonal string is called the carrier, in the neutral version I knotted the other strings around it as per macramé instructions. I dyed some strings to match the painting that combine the design and colour charge tears. I wanted the yellow and white  to respond to the silken wrap so I devised a way to use the carrier string as the knots. I like this.



2 thoughts on “ATV 4 – Yarn and linear exploration- creating linear forms – 4.3 Reinterpret, reinvent”

  1. Outstanding inventiveness, very successful IMHO, how useful to now be able to spin the perfect yarns for your projects

    1. Thank you Julie, I thought it would be much more difficult (and I’m sure it is to make even yarns!) I instead just found it incredibly satisfying and just slightly addictive. I’m sure that I will be spinning lots more!

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