ATV assignment 5 – Tutor feedback


Formative feedback


Student name Linda Baker Student number 513322
Course/Unit Textiles 1: A Textiles Vocabulary Assignment number Five
Type of tutorial Video/audio  


Key points

This assignment has been a thorough investigation and summing up of the course.  There is evidence you have used the creative process to develop an idea and come to some concluding work.  During our conversation I highlighted your stronger and weaker work that you were in agreement with.  The stronger work uses considered placement of elements with robust colour palettes and exciting use of materials. I suggest at assessment you ensure the assessors will see your strongest work first and you discuss what you have learnt making the weaker pieces in your learning log.  To organise your work for assessment get all the work out and think carefully about the best way to present it.

This was very positive. I’m really struggling with a hand injury. So was really worried about the completeness of some pieces.

The pieces that we agreed were strongest were my cyanotype nettle stitched onto its background using its own warp and weft threads. img_6581.jpg

Also the nettle stem and flowers incorporating nettle fibre, hand spun yarn and home made nettle cordage. I was really pleased with this process of gathering the materials from the field and processing it myself, and also the visual appearance of the completed work. I had wondered if I was a little biased by the enjoyment of the process, so it was reassuring to get positive feedback for this.


I had researched Cas Holmes as I am really interested in the story telling process, and find her work quite interesting. The piece I made influenced by Cas’s techniques is awful! And Rebecca saw right through it!! In fairness I was completely unable to do anything with my right hand so purchased some left handed scissors for cutting . A machine stitched work seemed like a good idea to meet my very final deadline, but it is very clunky and why I decided to try and work on a larger scale at this point  I just do not know. I did some collage experiments to explore placement before settling on the final layout, this is something I need to investigate and develop more.

Summary of tutorial discussion

I suggest that you need to do more analysis of your research material by picking apart what you see thinking about why the composition, colour palette or materials work well.

Continue to draw regularly developing your observational skills.  When drawing in any medium aim to keep the line sensitive and expressive.

Your learning log continues to need more analysis of your own work.  Step back and review your work in the same way as you would the work of someone else.  Judge your use of placement, composition, colour palette, the use of materials/techniques and how you came to your creative decisions.








Mixed Media for Textiles – MMT introduction

MMT being my second OCA level 1 course.

Isn’t it odd? I studied the introduction to MMT and thought how exciting, this is right up my street! and now I have started the initial exercises and set up my blog the anxious has set in!!! How ridiculous, I’m doing this because I love that my creativity is awakening, I am been gently let into all manner of artistic mischief and have nothing to hide. Bring it on.

My intentions for this shiny new start;

My blog will become second nature, my observations more detailed.

I will be a critical thinker.

I will blog little but often (working towards lots and often.)

My research will involve thorough critique (not just admiring lots of pictures)

I will nail the whole referencing thing somehow.

There, its down in the electrical ether, its on the web so must be true…