ATV5 Course reflection

ATV Learning Outcomes

  • LO1 Develop visual ideas to show a personal interpretation for textile-based work
  • LO2 Demonstrate sensitivity in the translation and handling of colour
  • LO3 Use a range of textile media and techniques to creatively develop design ideas
  • LO4 Reflect upon your own learning experience in the context of your studies
    I have certainly made progress from the beginning of the course. Of the learning outcomes I feel that my strength has been colour work. I have used a range of textile media, I haven’t been afraid to try new techniques and have really enjoyed experimenting as part of the adventure. I am making progress with self reflection by developing my critical thinking skills – everything is still very much work in progress.
     Making decisions is a sticking point, it is completely down to confidence, it has been fascinating how the psychology of the learning journey is bringing up barriers that I didn’t realise were still there (Being the only girl on my Industrial design course with a group of boy racers wasn’t easy)
    A revelation has been Rebecca saying on my last video tutorial that, we all see work differently and what one person doesn’t like, another person will. I do try to please, and must adopt a more personal approach, shift my thinking to a more honest expression of what I like in my work. The important thing is to record and reflect on my thinking more fully. I need more bottle! I should possibly avoid unicycles.
    I’ve had a good hard stare at the assessment criteria grid and tried to place myself in the appropriate box for each of the 4 categories….
    Demonstration of technical and visual skills
    – materials, techniques, observational skills,
    visual awareness, design and compositional skill (40%).
    Quality of outcome
    – content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a
    coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas (20%).
    Demonstration of creativity
    – imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a
    personal voice (20%).
    – reflection, research, critical thinking (20%).

    I have some advice from feedback in earlier assignments that I need to act on before submitting for assessment, and some tweaks will need to be done for assignment 5. On the whole though I don’t feel that I’m in the Fail box area of the grid . I think that one of the difficulties of an online course is the lack of a bar to measure oneself against. I understand that giving examples isn’t a workable or desirable option, I would hate to feel channelled into a particular type of work. We are all individuals and all our work is different. There is a lot to be gained by working in the same room as other like minded folk though, and bouncing ideas around. I am going to try to fit some textile courses in as a way of opening up to sharing and brave the student forums when I can.

    I  do know that I have put in a lot of effort, and although I have work commitments to juggle, my time management can be improved. I am loving the journey and getting better all the time. I have learnt valuable new computer skills, and for my next course can hit the ground running with my learning log. I am not so scared of a sketchbook, that’s got to help!


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