ATV5 part 5 – project 2 – Develop Yarn and linear concepts

img_5992.jpg Nettle stem, nettle flowers

For some of my yarn concepts I took the slow approach by making my yarns from raw materials like nettles and wool fibres. For some I reused materials, newspaper, fabric, buttons, ribbon.
img_5493.jpg img_5494.jpg img_5495.jpg

I suspect that its because i’m new to the process that I love this spun yarn so much, it’s so lively and the variations in colour achieved by combing the wool fibres is exactly what i was trying to achieve. I needed both hands and my chin to control the plying process so it was a lengthy process.


Close up the nettle stem looks gently fluffy, even closer up sharp barbs are revealed.

I experimented with knotting techniques on a shop bought paper yarn before developing in my made materials.



I enjoyed working with yarn concepts, especially, the process of turning nettles into the material to work with is very satisfying, and smells amazing. I have found that, when I am generating ideas, I tend to hold on to the idea of an object rather than focussing on translating marks made having observed that object, that the piece that I developed using yarns and observations is quite literal. In this task I have managed to move a little beyond that, I was intent on capturing the playful bubbliness of the flowers and am pleased with the results and the process of getting there.



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