Soft Monuments exhibition, KODE, Bergen.

So  I’m trying a new approach to this exhibition , I want to see if  putting the artworks as a gallery sames time and adds clarity. I will edit the photos using my notes from the exhibition as and when I find time. I think that this is the sort of task that I will be able to do from my phone app while I am out and about.

KODE Bergen is spread over several buildings, I thought that KODE contemporary seemed a good starting point. I was delighted with this bonus exhibition that I was not expecting.

First gallery was an exhibition of Norwegian and international artists, work was grouped in rooms with specific themes.

Of particular intrest to me was the gallery face off between Heidi Kennedy Skjeve and Thomas Pihl. these two pieces would look almost identical in a book, but close up couldn’t be more texturally different. Heidi’s work was about surface detail and the gallery information emphasised that it being made of textile was secondary , it is art made of textile rather than a textile art work. Interesting.



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