ATV – Assignment one stage 1- Gathering materials

Gathering materials

Introductory assignment
Observation is fundamental to art and design and is the essential starting point of the textile design and creation process. Gathering, observing and recording textiles, surfaces, materials and their unique qualities will form the basis for this project.
In this project you’re asked to collect, then visually observe, explore and record a group of textiles and materials. You’ll create a folio of 10 to 15 drawings that visually capture the qualities and properties of the items you select.
I started this task by mind mapping all four themes, taking them fairly literally  my initial thoughts on Tropical tourist and  Iced landscape themes had a leaning towards the need for secondary sources of material. Natures larder was the theme that jumped out at me, however I think that I always seem to lean towards natural source materials and as the  next exercise is about drawing textiles perhaps I could do with some practice with observing other textures. So I chose to explore “Style Lounge” more fully. Style can be used to describe the appearance a collection of artefacts or groups of people, or a time period, or it can be very subjective and about individual preferences.
mindmap style loungeIn a round-about fashion I concluded that style lounge could be all about my individual style! With the following benefits;
Easy access to objects to draw!
Give a little insight into who I am.
Drawing things that I know well and have a connection to.
I gathered objects that I particularly like , whilst being aware of trying to give myself a variety of textures to work from.

I approached photographing the objects as a magazine shoot and very quickly discovered that its no where near as easy as it looks! My first attempts were like a snap at a car boot sale, very inelegant and uninspiring!


The diagonal composition looks a little more professional than my other shots, the photo tells of my love of -hand made, natural materials, walking and gathering, and the importance of a nice cup of tea! The photo was taken outside as thats where i like to be, I added the kikoy as a base layer as the paving slabs looked a bit harsh.
The felt necklace is there as its my favourite winter work accessory, I’m expected to look professional so tend to have a work wardrobes, the necklace is a nod to my quirkier side (I know, I need a new job!!).  It’s interesting how we wear clothes to project a particular personality or affiliation. There should  be a hat in the photo, I love my hat and forgot to take it off and put it in the picture! You can’t really see the stone and bone pendants that I carved in New Zealand, I added then to give me more contrast in materials. I will have another photo shoot to try to improve the image when I have a moment.
Textures I included; stone, bone, earthenware, knitted wool, woven cotton, leather, rubber, felt, willow, feathers, metal

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