A Textiles Vocabulary – course introduction

This is taken from the course notes to keep me focussed and on task:
Course aims and learning outcomes
•allow you to explore archive textiles through observational drawing and develop textile
design ideas
•introduce you to ways of recording and using colour from different sources using a range of media
•develop your awareness of traditional and non-traditional yarn types and simple textile sampling
•develop your reflective skills and ability to evaluate the appropriateness of different approaches.
On successful completion of the course you’ll be able to:
•develop visual ideas to show a personal interpretation for textile-based work
•demonstrate sensitivity in the translation and handling of colour
•use a range of textiles media and techniques to creatively develop design ideas
•reflect upon your own learning experience in the context of your studies.
Your tutor will be looking for evidence that you’re beginning to demonstrate these learning outcomes in your work. It’s a good idea to apply these to your progress at the end of each part of the course and reflect in your learning log on whether or not you feel you’re beginning to develop these skills.

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