ATV assignment 2 – Stitching: Placed and spaced – stitched piece 1


Birch Bark – the eyes have it

I love the fabric as it is really…

My drawing has a rust coloured eye so I added a base layer of inktense then started to raise the texture of the bands around the tree and define the eyes by stitching sisal behind the fabric. I was delighted that this gives structure like a whale-boned under skirt. the base layer is bouncy and three dimensional.

However the proportions of the fabric have changed and the eye is no longer at my fibonacci point of focus so i added some strips of silk to extend the length. the result is like the very delicate bark layer that can be easily peeled away.


I used techniques that I experimented with on my samples to build up a variety of textures. This was easier by far as fabric is so much more flexible to work with, and less brittle so stitches can be really close together. I wasn’t too concerned about making it look exactly like any one drawing, there are elements from several of my tree drawings and an essence of my love of trees. This drawing was the main inspiration.


I think that I used really appropriate colours and textures.
IMG_3932.JPG  IMG_3933.JPG


IMG_3951.JPG IMG_3953.JPG IMG_3952.JPG IMG_3954.JPG

I almost like the reverse more in places, particularly the woven sari silk and the stitch s that hold the sisal twine in place. The eyes from the back look like the darns on the old Scandinavian tunic that I drew in the summer.






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