ATV assignment 2 Stitching: Placed and spaced Preparation

ATV assignment 2 Stitching: Placed and spaced Preparation

I pulled the nails one by one from our ceiling joists, they were such a pretty shape that I saved them in case they came in useful…

… Then I discovered the idea of rust dying and managed to find the little nails again!  Apparently green tea contains more tannins, as I fancied a cup and wanted the fabric to stay quite light I made a brew , drank a cup and left the rolled and tied fabric to soak.

I could quite quickly see the marks develop so after a few hours I took the fabric out and left it to dry while I popped to Devon for a few days.


It is very evocative of birch bark, hurrah!

I have sorted through my threads looking for suitable tones and textures, apparently I have quite a selection. Thank you my magpie tendencies.

I have started investigating composition, much helped by the book Connecting Design to Stitch by Sandra Meech.




My first thoughts on compositions to use were jotted in my on the go sketch book.

I developed ideas in my A3 sketch book, I need to carefully consider use of sketch books- it think that it impedes fluid thinking , I wi would do better to work on loose sheets and bind them later.


I found using collage to experiment with placement really useful,  quicker and gives a more realistic view than my flimsy water colour sketches.

I found a box of tangled vintage threads at a local market, there are some lovely faded threads that I think will work really well.

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