Study visit – New designers

My eyes have never been as full!

The study visit was fabulous and very much a learning experience. It was really great to meet some fellow students and talk about the course and our creative journeys. The students attending were at all stages in the OCA course so it was really valuable as a newbie to hear about different experiences and have a more real idea of what to aspire to – exhibiting work for example! Gosh!

There really was such a lot of work being exhibited, and such an air of hope and expectation in the air from the students showing their work. It was quite exhausting. Lots of chatting to students about their work, most were happy, and quite keen to talk about their ideas and processes. We were given a couple of pointers of what to look out for and this was so helpful in terms of having a focus.

There was an incredible amount of digitally printed silk, a lot using digitally manipulated images -reflected, flipped, rotated snippets of landscape, plants and wildlife seemed popular. This left me a little cold if I’m honest, though I can see that it could be quite a compelling way to spend some time and may have a play myself at some point. I have seen digital prints that are really exciting I think that the sheer amount, with similar themes was just a bit overwhelming.

Timerous beasties are mentioned in one of the research points of ATV and I really like the way they have developed the ideas of William morris –  clearly they were also, in turn a huge influence on some students exhibiting.

The work that I was drawn too most was the more 3D constructed textiles, involving knitting, knotting, bonding ,weaving. There was some really interesting work that incorporated traditional techniques with modern materials that I found really exciting. Also some work that referenced or reminded me of darker folkloric themes, and pieces incorporating natural elements such as reindeer antler, wood and plants.

Here is some of the work that I was particularly drawn too:

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